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Learn how to convert Adobe InDesign interactive magazine layout into HTML5 Digital Flipbook

In this tutorial, learn how to design an index page in Adobe InDesign, add interactive buttons and publish as a stunning HTML5 digital flipbook, using the …


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Convert PSD to HTML5 Responsive | Google Mobile Friendly

In this video, you will know how to convert PSD to HTML5 responsive. This website will fully mobile friendly and it’s a perfect web development tutorial. Learning …



30 Free Html5 Templates

30 Free Html5 TemplatesHTML5 is the latest version of this popular markup language which is widely used to design and develop website content. There are many free HTML5 templates available on the internet. HTML5 templates are easy to use and using these to design a website makes the look and feel of the website excellent. Moreover, using HTML5 templates make the website look professionally done. Hence there is no logic behind not using free HTML5 templates while designing any web pages. When a website looks professionally designed and developed, visitors to the website increases and the visitors spends more time in the website knowing more about the webpages. Moreover, free HTML5 templates increase the fluidity and responsiveness of the website more. HTML5 templates also makes the colour, accents, fonts more evident as these are carefully done, even though they are offered as free HTML5 templates. In addition to these, HTML5 templates are responsive and fluid in nature irrespective of browsers and screen sizes. Thus you can view these websites designed using free HTML5 templates in PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets etc. with the same good experience. If you are thinking that these cannot be free of cost, explore the following 30 free HTML5 templates to believe1

1) Lola Html5 Free Template  [Download]


2) Response – Premium Responsive Html Template [Download]


3) Full Responsive Html Template [Download]



4) Fashion Free Html5 Template [Download]


5) Aiwaz – Premium Template [Download]


6) FancyTheme – Multipurpose HTML Template [Download]


7) Creatif – Premium Template [Download]


8) Brushed- Free Html Portfolio Template [Download]


9) Free Landing page template [Download]


10) Simple Tape Minimalist HTML template [Download]


11) Free Portfolio HTML Template [Download]


12) Free One Page HTML Template [Download]


13) Digy – Free Template [Download]


14) Retina – Free Template [Download]


15) Cafe – Free Template [Download]


16) Simple – Free Template [Download]


17) zAgroPlus – Responsive Html5 Website Themes [Download]


18) PetClub Html5 Theme [Download]


19) WeddingSite Html5 Theme [Download]


20) GardenTruck Html5 Theme [Download]


21) Nina Html5 Theme [Download]


22) Gourmet2 Html5 Theme [Download]


23) Cream Html5 Theme [Download]


24) HathaYoga Html5 Theme [Download]


25) Delphic HTML Template [Download]


26) Designa Free HTML Template [Download]


27) Bootbusiness HTML5 Template [Download]


28) Dragon HTML5 Template [Download]


29) YIW Minimal Portfolio Template [Download]


30) Software Free HTML5 Template [Download]




25+ HTML5 and CSS3 Sliders Free To Use


Creating or designing a unique and different website is very challenging. To make your job easier, you can select HTML5 and CSS3 sliders that are ready to. There are many HTML5 and CSS3 sliders available for free downloads on the internet. You can download them depending on your needs and tastes. Most of these HTML5 and CSS3 sliders are responsive and hence you can use them with ease without any knowledge of programming. In fact, once you download the HTML5 and CSS3 sliders, within minutes you will understand how to use; you do not have to be a technical geek at all! These free sliders save your time too. On the process of understanding, you will also master the transition and effects and thereby develop a website that looks professionally designed. Certain sliders come with animations. Some HTML5 and CSS3 sliders feature loads of unique transition effects such as an image pre-loader, video embedding and autoplay that stops on user interaction. In addition there are many easy to set options to personalize the effects. Some image slider comes with a PHP compiler that allows you personalize things related to the behavior and the interface. Check 25+ HTML5 and CSS3 Sliders Free to Use




1) Pure CSS Slider [Via]



2) Basic CSS3 Slider [Via]



3) Full Width Image Slider [Via]



4) Fun 3D Image Slider [Via]



5) Pure CSS Slider [Via]



6) Pure CSS Featured Image Slider [Via]



7) CSS & HTML 3D Slider [Via]



8) A Simple Yet Effective CSS3 Image Slider [Via]



9) Experimental CSS3 Only Image Slider with 3D Transforms [Via]



10) Flipbook Image Slider with CSS3 3D Transforms and jQuery [Via]



11) Making a CSS Only Accordion Image Slider [Via]



12) Slim Slider Css3 [Via]



13) CSS Slider (Pure CSS) [Via]



14) Accordion slider css [Via]



15) Custom jQuery Slider [Via]



16) Slider in only css [Via]



17) Minimal Pure Css Slider [Via]

18) Solitary CSS3 Slider [Via]



19) Lukas Mod Slider [Via]



20) Nivo Slider Like Effect Slideshow [Via]



21) Pure css slider [Via]



22) CSS3 Image Slider [Via]



23) Responsive GTA V Slider [Via]



24) CSS image slider [Via]



25) Image slider without JavaScript [Via]



26) Then and Now Slider [Via]



27) Css3 Only Sliding Gallery [Via]