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Can Pop Stars and Musicians Have Custom Fonts? If You’re Alicia Keys, the Answer Is Yes – PRINT Magazine


Can pop stars and musicians have custom fonts?

Designed for Alicia Keys’ branding identity, AK Monument is a custom typeface that’s simple at first glance and incredibly detailed after further reflection. Created by Dinamo Typefaces, the typeface is hardy yet laid liberated, with rhythm and grace reflective of Keys’ voice. Honestly, like Keys’ voice, this typeface is like butter, a staple, and utterly smooth.

For the typeface itself, we threw a selection of heavily stylised star characters—like the A, R, the constructed numbers, sharp comma, and quotation marks—into an otherwise sturdy and laid-back typographic structure. Those different stylistic references achieve a lively and quite powerful rhythm when woven together, which feels like the right expression for such a multifaceted artist.

Alicia Keys is an unmatched force in entertainment, entrepreneurship, and activism—it was truly special to work with her team on this digital archive.

Project Credits

Design Identity: Mouthwash Studio
Typeface Design: Dinamo Typefaces
Website Development: antinomy
Typeface Animations: John Burgess


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How to Install Adobe Typekit Adobe Fonts – Adobe InDesign Tutorial

adobefonts #adobetypekit #typekit Step 1 is to purchase Adobe Creative Cloud …



S in Different Fonts, Styles and Text Effects


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Finding and Matching Fonts in Photoshop


Finding and Matching Fonts in Photoshop


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Finding and matching fonts in Photoshop – Photoshop Roadmap



In this video tutorial, Adobe evangelist Paul Trani shares some cool ways to find fonts using the Match Font feature in Photoshop.

• Don’t have Photoshop yet? Download a free trial so you can follow along with this tutorial!

• Get 10 Free images from Adobe Stock here…


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21 Exceptional Google Fonts You Probably Haven’t Discovered Yet


Google Fonts may be the single most significant contribution Google has made to the evolution of the web — yes, more significant than search, advertising, or analytics.

Google Fonts gives every business access to a visual voice with which to distinguish itself. Fonts can be downloaded for use in design software and then embedded using best practices for a consistent experience on the web.

If there’s anything wrong with Google Fonts, it’s that its default listings are based on “Trending,” a self-fulfilling criterion that keeps Noto Sans high up the list, destined to be over-used.

But if you spend a little time lower down the listings, you’ll find some exceptional typefaces that are hardly used. Yes, some of them are highly stylized, but there are also usable sans, serifs, and display fonts worthy of your consideration.

All you have to do is scroll; here’s a selection of some of the treasures you’ll find if you do…



Piazzolla features dramatic and expressive angular shapes when previewed in large sizes, but its real strength is in setting large amounts of body text.



If you’re looking for a solid workhorse sans, look no further than Mulish. Halfway between a humanist and geometric sans, there’s even a variable font version.


Ceviche One

Reminiscent of the cool lettering of 60s advertising, Ceviche One is packed with energy, thanks to the dramatic zig-zag formed along its baseline.



Released by Friedrich Althausen in 2005, Vollkorn is an excellent typeface for body copy, excelling at small sizes. It now boasts a variable font option.



Merienda is a delightfully energetic display script. The bold weight feels more confident, but both weights have a dancing rhythm that brings the page alive.


Raleway Dots

Raleway is a hugely popular — and perhaps overused font — but this dotted version is less known. It’s a simple geometric sans that functions as a display face.



Kenia is a wonderful, uncategorizable typeface. The stencil forms result in entirely original letter constructions, and the lowercase s is magnificent.


DM Sans

DM Sans is a low-contrast geometric sans-serif that performs wonderfully well at smaller sizes. It only has three weights, but each comes with a matching italic.



Designed by Vernon Adams as part of the KDE project for GNU+Linux, Oxygen is a very readable sans-serif, with a generous x-height and a hint of pen stroke.



Ksenia Erulevich’s Alice was inspired by Lewis Carrol’s novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It presents itself as an Edwardian serif with fanciful flourishes.


Carter One

Carter One uses bold strokes, with a medium amount of contrast, to create a sans-style script. It has dozens of beautiful details like the notch on the lowercase o.


Bodoni Moda

Bodoni Moda is a didone-style serif with strong vertical strokes and high-contrast slab-like serifs. It’s the best variable font in this genre that I’ve found.



Ultra is a slab-serif that you won’t even consider for body text. Its sculptural shapes are almost American-western. The counter on the lowercase n is charming.


Azeret Mono

Most mono-spaced fonts fail to inspire; practical they can be, charming they are not. But Azeret Mono bucks that trend, its bold weights being particularly fantastic.



It’s tough to find a serious sans-serif with rounded terminals, but Nunito is it. There’s also a Nunito Sans with square terminals, but I love the rounded tips.


Bungee Inline

Designed for signage, Bungee is great for display sizes and works well vertically. There are several versions, but my favorite is this classy inline version.



Oi is unapologetically loud. A slab-serif that swallows its own detail, the counters and ink traps give it a 3D quality, and the curves feel almost nautical.


Expletus Sans

One of the significant trends in typography is the angled clip of adjoining strokes, creating the effect of shadow. This effect is brilliantly achieved in Expletus Sans.



It’s comparatively unusual to find a serif face designed to work well at display sizes. At large sizes, Lustria’s rounded terminals evoke ink spread delightfully.


Yatra One

Yatra One is a Devanagari and Latin typeface that uses the Devanagari brush angle for its strokes, giving the Latin text an unusually slanted, stand-out character.



Amiko is a highly legible typeface and excellent at tiny font sizes. It’s perfect as a secondary font if your main font is too fancy for elements like legal notices.


Keep Scrolling

It’s always tempting to leap at the first typeface you find that meets your needs, but if you dig a little deeper into Google Fonts, you’ll find a vast range of typefaces that offer both practicality and character.


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15 free fonts English

General How to

10 Free Script Fonts

They say the best things in life are free. Especially when they come in the form of awesome fonts. Today I’m sharing a new collection of some sweet scripts for your wedding invitations, graphic design projects, blogs and more. A few of these are free to use commercially, but be sure to check the licenses of each individual font to be sure. Otherwise, enjoy all for personal use!

If you are looking for even more free font collections, be sure to check them out here. If you’re a graphic design pro and are looking for fonts to use commercially, check out my font favorites and bundles here.

Free Script fonts for wedding invitations, graphic design projects, web design, DIY projects, crafts, blogging and more! From Elegance and Enchantment

{ Where to download free fonts }

Candlescript // Fabfelt Script // Landliebe // Herr Von Muellerhoff // Theodista Decally // Variane Script // Good Vibes // Dancing Script // Bolina // Lavanderia (for this one, type in $0 to obtain for free)

General How to

10 Free Beautiful Script Fonts to Download

If you’d like to see more free script fonts, check out these other collections as well:

1. Wisdom Script

By James T. Edmondson Type and Lettering

Font Download

2. Kaushan Script

By Impallari Type

Free script font: Kaushan Script

Font Download

3. Lauren Script

By De Nada Industries

Free script font: Lauren Script

Font Download

4. Sachiko

By Nymphont

Free script font: Sachiko

Font Download

5. Mission Script

By James T. Edmondson Type and Lettering

Free script font: Mission Script

Font Download

6. Yesteryear

By Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute

Free script font: Yesteryear

Font Download

7. Damion

By Vernon Adams

Free script font: Damion

Font Download

8. Arabella

By Dieter Steffmann

Free script font: Arabella

Font Download

9. Lavanderia

By James T. Edmondson Type and Lettering

Free script font: Lavanderia

Font Download

10. Sofia

By Latinotype

Free script font: Sofia

Font Download