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30+ Best Free Fonts for Designers 2021

Olegos- Free Designer Font

If you’re searching for a minimal yet dramatic typeface for your next design project, consider the Olegos font, a unique and stylish option that’s available as a free download from Behance, and will add a funky edge to any creation.

Hugolers- Free Modern Serif Designer Font

Hugolers is a stylish and modern serif font with a gorgeous vintage vibe, thanks to the elaborate swashes and assortment of alternatives and ligatures for you to choose from. You can download this beautiful typeface for free from Graphic Design Freebies.

Belligiant Signature- Free Designer Font

For a stunning signature font that encompasses modern style elements with a timeless hand-drawn effect, look no further than the beautiful Belligiant typeface, which can be downloaded for free from Creative Tacos, and comes with a range of ligatures plus multilanguage support!

Natalia- Free Designer Font

Natalia is a gorgeous handwritten font with a classic vintage look that’s ideal for use in virtually any size or application, from text bodies to creative designs. This old-style font comes with a range of versatile characters and is available to download for free from Creative Tacos.

Honey Butterfly- Free Designer Font

Next up we have Honey Butterfly, a stunning retro inspired typeface that makes the perfect addition to a romantic project such as wedding invitations or a valentines card. Featuring a huge range of swashes, ligatures and stylistic alternates, this free font can be downloaded from Graphic Design Freebies.

ADCA – Free Bold Modern Font

ADCA is a modern font featuring a bold and stylish design. The thick character design makes it a great typeface for designing posters and banners, especially for titles and headings. Plus the font is free to use with commercial projects.

Void – Free Creative Font

Void is a brand new free font that features a creative design. It comes in multiple font weights ranging from thin to bold. You can use it with all kinds of creative projects. The download page of the font is in Japanese, but it’s not that difficult to find the download link.

Loves – Free Classy Sans Serif Font

Loves is the perfect font for designing elegant website headers, logos, and titles. It’s especially suitable for designs related to fashion and lifestyle. It comes with lots of alternate characters as well.

Nanotech – Free Clean Sans Font

Nanotech is a clean and professional free font that comes with a set of stylish letters. The font is available in both regular and bold weights. You can use it to design titles and headings. It’s available for personal use only.

ATTIKA – Free Creative Variable Font

Attika is a modern sans-serif font that can completely transform your designs and make them look more creative. It features a stylish lettering design that will surely attract attention. You can use the font to craft titles for website headers and posters.

Nera – Free High Contrast Font

This is a unique geometric font that features an unusual style of lettering design. According to the designer, the letters were made using a square geometric grid to bring out the high-contrast look and feel. It’s free to use with commercial projects.

Gomawo – Free Modern Font

Gomawo is another modern font that comes with an uncommon design inspired by South Korean culture. It uses a mix of calligraphy and geometric design elements. It’s free for personal and commercial use.

Lil Stuart – Free Fonts Collection

Lil Stuart is a collection of creative handwriting fonts. It includes some beautiful font designs you can use to design greeting cards, product labels, T-shirt designs, and much more. The font features over 160 ligatures as well.

Botera – Free Stencil Font

Stencil fonts usually feature the same old blocky design. But this font comes with a fresh take on the font genre. It features a stylish stencil design that adds class and elegance to the font lettering. The font comes in a regular version too.

MALER – Free Latin Cyrillic Font

Maler is a very creative font that comes with a set of Latin and Cyrillic character sets. It’s an all-caps font you can use to add a creative touch to your poster, flyer, and many other design projects.

Moalang – Free Display Font

Moalang is a decorative font best used in creative projects. It will definitely add class and elegance to your creative design projects. The font is especially suitable for T-shirt designs and product labels.

Perfect Moment – Free Handwritten Font

Looking for a brush font to add a handcrafted look to your designs? Then this font is for you. This handcrafted font has a set of amazing letters that feature realistic brush stroke textures. It’s perfect for posters and book titles.

Nano – Free Futuristic Font

The unique design of this font makes it a great choice for crafting everything from logos to website headers, flyers, posters, and more. This font features a set of lowercase letters featuring a futuristic design. It’s free to use with personal and commercial projects.

Cipitillo – Free Spooky Halloween Font

Working on a spooky poster or a greeting card for Halloween? Then you should grab this font. It’s a great font you can use to design all kinds of spooky designs whether it’s for Halloween or a horror movie poster.

Apex Mk3 – Free Bold Title Font

If you’re working on a poster design or a website header design, this free font will definitely come in handy. It features a bold geometric design that’s perfect for headings. The font is completely free to use with commercial projects as well.

Nevrada – Free Elegant Serif Font

When designing logos, badges, and signage for luxury brands and hotels, you need to pick fonts with letters that feature a certain elegance. This free font features that same elegance. It’s free to use with personal projects.

Spartan MB – Free Sans Font Family

Having more than one choice is important when designing professional projects. This is why font families are quite useful since they come in multiple weights and styles. Spartan is a similar font family that comes with simple sans-serif letter design. It includes 7 different weights and you can use it for commercial projects.

Ocean – Creative Free Font

Ocean is a modern all-caps display font that features a creative design. This font is perfect for your creative projects, especially for ones with trendy designs. The font comes in 4 different weights ranging from light to bold. It’s also free to use with commercial projects.

Deliverance – Free Script Handwritten Font

A font roundup wouldn’t be complete without a good script font. This beautiful script font features a handwritten lettering design. And it comes with both uppercase and lowercase letters. It’s perfect for website headers, blogs, social media designs, greeting cards, and much more.

Quacker – Free Sans Serif Font

Quacker is a creative free sans serif font with a retro-vintage design. This font fits in perfectly for different types of logo and label designs. The font also includes alternative characters and multilingual support as well.

Michalina – Free Modern Calligraphy Font

Michalina is a beautiful free font that comes with a stylish calligraphy lettering design. This font is perfect for designing invitations and greeting cards as well as book covers and social media designs. The font is free to use with your personal projects.

Monday Vacation – Free Creative Font Duo

Finding the right font to pair with your main font is time-consuming work. But, with this font duo, you can save time. This pack comes with two fonts featuring a handwriting script and a bold sans-serif font that pairs well together.

Rumble Brave – Free Display Font

Rumble Brave is a stylish free font that features a retro-vintage inspired design. This font is ideal for logo and label design. It includes both uppercase and lowercase letters as well.

Giveny – Free Classy Serif Font

Giveny is the perfect font for designing logos for luxury and high-end brands. The font features a simple and elegant design that gives it a professional look. The font is free to use with personal projects.

Railey – Free Handwritten Script Font

Railey is a stylish handwritten script font that features a unique design of its own. This free font is perfect for designing greeting cards and social media posts.

Aldo Sans – Free Sans Font Family

Another modern font family for professional design projects. This font comes with 3 different fonts featuring geometric designs. The fonts include both uppercase and lowercase letters. It’s free to use with commercial projects.

Thunderbold – Free Sans Serif Font

Thunderbold is a unique font that comes with a stylish design. It’s most suitable for designing logos and badges for various modern businesses. The font includes uppercase and lowercase characters.

Zolanti – Free Handwritten Brush Font

This free font is for the fans of brush font designs. It comes with a unique set of letters featuring handwritten brush designs. The font is perfect for poster and website header design.

Neon Absolute – Free Font Duo

This is a creative font pair that comes with a script font and a sans-serif font. Both fonts in the pack feature designs inspired by the 1980s retro neon signs. You can use them for free with your personal projects.

Vigrand – Free Vintage Script Font

Vigrand is an elegant free font that features a vintage script design. This font includes both uppercase and lowercase letters as well as lots of stylish ornaments as well.

Peace Sans – Free Bold Title Font

If you’re looking for a big bold font to design stylish headings and titles for your website, social media, and poster designs, this font is for you. Peace Sans is a modern bold font that includes glyphs and multilingual support.

Bourbon Grotesque – Free Elegant Font

This free font is most suitable for designing labels and badges for various fashion and lifestyle products. The font is free to use with your personal projects.

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